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pennsylvania, virginia, delaware. people drive hundreds of miles just to come to strowski's on good friday. >> i remember covering the story and people coming down from new york state. people travel a long way. >> you have to look at it this way. strowski's is to polish sausage as corn beef is to -- i could go for a polish sausage. >> reporter: i like the spicey one. >> with mustard on that. >> reporter: yes. >> on a toasted bun. >> reporter: that will clear the sinuses. >> it will clear the room too. >> another easter tradition is the butter in the lamb form. they force the but her in a mold. >> reporter: that's right. we'll be here a little later. and the folks will be lining up here to do their good friday tradition. it's a great piece of baltimore. it really is. have a good friday. and happy easter everybody. we'll see you in fells point in front jimmy's restaurant monday morning. and we have pirates joining us. >> i think there could be a soup of the day at jimmy's. want at the say happy easter to all the people at jimmy's. >> reporter: what is normally tear pen country, mountaineers
will be talking about this morning25 miners are dead in west virginia this morning after a huge mine explosion yesterday afternoon. four are still missing. . here's terrell brown with more from west virginia. >> reporter: at least 25 miners were killed in a west virginia coal mine explosion. the search has been halted because of gas and smoke in the mine. >> there still continues to be a rescue operation with four unaccounted, four miners, and we're going to do everything in our power and in the mine rescue team's power to locate those people. >> reporter: the blast happened monday afternoon just as miners were departing the upper big branch mine just 30 miles south of charleston. at first rescue teams hoped they would find some of the missing miners alive. as the evening progressed, no survivors were located. >> it's a traumatic experience with the families over there right now. i ask for your cooperation in giving them their time of peace in grieving. >> reporter: the cause of explosion isn't known. but officials say this mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly
directions and another water main break to watch out for. that's virginia avenue. now here's a live look at the beltway at 23 and you can see we're getting by without too much trouble. this traffic report is the service of wilkins. everyone wins at wilkins. back over to you. >> here's what people are talking about news wise today. another police officer has been suspended after that video that sur vassed showing several of them beating a maryland college park university st. >> reporter: a rowdy victory celebration turned into a violent beating at the hands of prince george's county police and now the video obtained by wjz has sparked an fbi investigation and the prosecutor is looking at possible criminal charges against several officers. >> today we believe that we've identified all of the officers who were seen in the tape of the college park incident. we've already suspended two of those officers. we anticipate more suspensions shortly. our internal affairs division has been working around the clock on this case. >> they're done with that initial investigation. we'll take it to the gra
was released from the hospital. in whitesville, west virginia. >>> and the owner of the mine is paying for the funerals. >>> we're learning about a scare for the governor and others. at least 50 lawmakers and the house speaker were gathered at a bar welcoming freshman representatives and the building caught fire and everyone was forced outside. the anne arundel firefighters reported there are no injuries. >> it's a simple ritual for a 72-year-old man, picking up chinese carry out on his way to his job and on his way to his order, a robber killed him. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. it was something that he did every day, get food here before going to work police say during a robbery, someone shot him and his family wants to know why. this 72-year-old was a vietnam veteran and an overnight security guard. and his family says that nearly every night at midnight, he stopped here getting dinner on his way to work. he was here thursday morning when the police say that two people came in. >> two unknown black males came into the store and shot and killed m
his administration will allow oil blat forms 50 miles off the coast of virginia and will lift the moratorium of oil exploration off the east coast. >> the bottom line is this, given our energy needs, in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness additional sources of fuel even as we ramp up production of new sources of renewable home grown energy. >> reporter: the proposal would allow drilling from the northern tip of delaware to the central coast of florida, including 31 miles of maryland's ocean coastline. >> more information as it becomes available and to ascertain whether or not we believe that the down sides a detriment of oil and gas drilling off the coast overrides our concerns with the environment. >> reporter: governor martin alley who attended today's news conference and has opposed drilling off maryland's shores in the past, now says he is neutral and he is quote eager to work with the administration in working out the number of infrastructure issues that need to be addressed in order to mak
are missing at a west virginia coal mine. no one's giving up hope, it's possible that the missing made it. >> i believe in the power of prayer with all of my heart and i've seen it work. >> reporter: before the crews can re-enter the mine and continue the search, it must be cleared of poison gas and ventilation holes will be drilled. it's not as simple as setting up on a mountain and penetrating 1100 feet and hitting where you want to hut. it has to be a 25-foot area. >> they've been in trouble for ventilating the gas. >> we've worked with the agencies to make the mines safe. >> reporter: that's little constellation for the close nit community. >> we have to depend on the lord, that's all you can do. this is a great loss to the family. one family lost an uncle and two nephews. >>> a total of 61 miners were in the mine monday. >>> toyota executives knew about the acceleration problems months before the guidelines were posted for the sticking pedals months before the u.s. was warned. and instead, they said they were conducting a recall for loose floor mats. they're facing a $16 million fine
in west virginia can do something. or harry reed -- he rose to what he is now. the more role models we can have, the better. >> i don't disagree with you. i want some financial advice. >> buy low, sell high. >> and thank you. here's more advise, you're sitting in a restaurant, lights go down, prices go up. >> congratulations on the award. you've made us proud. join us at we'll get into the nuts and bolts of the program that started in a board room and barbershop. you're a man, i mean it. you're a man. and you're the definition of a guy. we're taking a break and coming back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> let's look at the first warning doppler weather radar. we have moisture and i'm on the real doppler scan here. we're looking at the moisture heading our way. the forecast is going to be here dinner time and it's 51 degrees and right now, i think that kristy breslin -- we'll see showers before noon. . take it away, traffic control. >> and we're seeing delays on the beltways and slowing from harford to providence road and moving to the westside, delays from 795 to liberty and 70 eastbound,
inside a mine in west virginia. two hours ago, the search teams intoed the mine. they're searching for four men. >>> the nbci arrested -- the fbi arrested a 48-year-old man for making death threats to nancy pelosi. >>> and it appears that taxes will be the central issue for the next gubernatorial campaign. bob ehrlich criticized the sales tax increase. >> it's the most aggressive tax you could find. >> and he went head to head with the man who beat him. he's criticized ehrlich's tax policies as well. >> he raised fees and he raised college tuition by astronomical amounts. and i think that people have a opportunity to look at the choices that two different men made and decide for themselves. >> and he's open for debating him early this saturday. attack ads are running on the radio already. >> well, it looks like the oriole fans will have to wait longer for the first win of the season. the orioles got off to a fast start. the defense couldn't stop the rally. and the orioles will be back at camden yards against the blue jays tomorrow. we'll bring you all of the action, tune in here to
the nuclear arsenals by 1/3. >>> a team of investigators are arriving at the west virginia mine. they have to vent the mine before they can recover the bodies. >> maryland lawmakers are heading to the state house for the last day of the 2010 leng laytive -- legislative session. good morning, derek valcourt. >> reporter: good morning, victim's advocates are holding a rally at 9:30 this morning on the steps of the state house, they'll urge the lawmakers to act swiftly today to get something done about the sex offender legislation. the murder of an 11-year-old -- >> they can spend time making sure that the cell phone legislation is through and here, we have it days and the children aren't protected and they're playing games. >> reporter: she's talking about offenses against a children and the senate's already passed a bill and the maximum punishment should be life in prison and under the house version, the sentence would be 15 years. she sponsored the bill asking for 20 years and she said they'll have to compromise. >> it's tough, i would love to see 20 with no patrol. that's not in the cards
. >>> a dozen pirates are going to appear in a virginia courtroom today. they fired on navy ships and in one case, the navy sent the pirates ablaze. international forces are stepping up patrols and trying to reduce the attacks by 30%. >> in a few days, a new rule will take affect for airlines. it prohibits them from keeping passengers in planes on the tarmac for more than three house. both the obama administrations turned the exemptions down. large numbers of flights may have to be canceled because of the new rule. >> in sports, the ravens went on the clock and never made a pick in the first round draft. plus, an additional one in the fourth round. that gives the ravens a total of seven picks. the raven's gm says it was an easy decision. >>> now, we have seven picks in the draft, and we've always felt this was a draft that was ben i shall to us if we could have multiple picks and now, we have them. >> and the broncos used the picks to take tebow. that's a big surprise because of the uncertainty with his potential and no surprise as the rams picked bradford from oklahoma. >> and the orioles a
virginia where families remember the lives of the miners killed in an explosion there three weeks ago. the president and vice president both stood side by side with the families of the men killed in the blast. the senate will hold a hearing on capitol hill tomorrow to discuss the disaster with the nation's top mine safety official. >>> outrage continues across this country as more goldman sachs e-mail investigation come to light that seem to show executives bragging about big profits as the nation's housing market was tanking. it is fueling calls for financial reform. here is randall pinkston with the very latest for wjz. >> reporter: the sweeping continue reform bill is just hours away from its big effort test yet. >> 18 months ago, people broke into our home, stole everything in our house, and we haven't even changed the locks on the place yet. >> reporter: this afternoon, the senate will vote on whether to begin debate on the measure aimed at preventing another economic meltdown. democrats need the saturday and of at least one repton move ahead, but that may be tough. >> it's my
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11